This type of kiosk is a similar ATM machine that, after authenticating individuals, offers a variety of services, such as medical history, health promotion, self-assessment, customer feedback, patient registration, patient access to background and remote counseling, and an innovative solution. And affordable for managing chronic diseases, reducing the gap between access to health information, better access to health care services, and increasing the health information of citizens, which organizations can implement to improve education and health status. Health kiosks are Strategically placed in crowded place and health care organizations to provide people with a consistent and easy access to key health indicators.Health kiosk is a multipurpose and computer-based computer system with a touch screen installed in the waiting room of the hospital, emergency department, outpatient clinics and hospital admission for patient registration, and after receiving information and exchanging it with the network and data center can be warnings Change behavior and lifestyle to users in a variety of ways, such as SMS or over mobile applications. This information is also available to the physician.

Advantages of the Healthcare kiosk:

• They reach “the invisible” – consumers who aren’t motivated or sick enough to visit a hospital or clinic.
• They can engage the consumer by “simple actions,” such as connecting via video to a provider or pointing out nearby products or services.